Mrs. Wehe’s TK/Kinder class was up to some fun adventures today!

Their class has been observing water in different ways this week. Yesterday they watched food coloring spread across a bucket of water as they learned about water molecules.

Today, they took that same colored water and explored water’s weight by measuring it against itself and other objects using a scale. It was a great time of hands on learning!

They used words like heavier, lighter, equal, more, less, the same.

They asked questions like:

“Which one has more?”

“What if I put marbles on this side?”

“Can I make them equal?”

“What will happen if I mix the colors?”

They pitted the blue and green water against themselvesĀ for a race to the heaviest, “Look it! This one wins!”

They even discovered that some objects float in the water, and some sink! “I never knew these could float!”


These little scholars are gearing up to be super stars here at SLOCS! Thanks Mrs. Wehe for a great lesson!