Ebenezer Sponsorship Program

San Luis Obispo Christian school’s Ebenezer Sponsorship Program seeks to provide school tuition for families that would otherwise not be able to do so themselves. The word ‘Ebenezer’ is found in 1 Samuel 7:12 and means “stone of help”. If you think you may be interested in helping you can learn more about the Ebenezer Sponsorship Program from the document below. If you have additional questions please contact the main office.

You can make a difference!

Even the smallest donation helps to provide tuition assistance to families that would not otherwise be able to afford a Christian education for their child.

From Recipient Families:

“Our family is deeply grateful for how the Ebenezer fund has made it possible for our daughter to attend San Luis Obispo Christian school. We are in full-time Christian ministry to college students and see firsthand how it really does take “a village” to help someone know and respond to the love of Christ. We are so very thankful for “the village” our precious daughter gets to be a part of here at San Luis Obispo Christian school, and know that the teachers, faculty, board members and fellow students our daughter has gotten to know here at SLOCS will forever be people she looks back on who showed her Christ’s love during some of her earliest memories of life. We are indebted to the families who generously give to the ministry of SLOCS so that student’s like our daughter can be impacted for eternity by the love of Christ in a Christian school.”

“We had some unusual needs with our two children which made selecting the right school for them a challenge. Before our children were enrolled in San Luis Obispo Christian School, they were in a special program in the public school system that seemed to be an ideal one to meet their needs. It was not. Especially for our older child, the year was a complete disaster.
It was obvious that we needed to get our children out of the public school system and into a program better suited for them. Unfortunately, we are not wealthy people. Our older child had been in a private school before, where she did well, but the tuition was raised to a level where we were no longer able to afford having one child there, let alone enroll our second child.
Fortunately, we were offered a very generous scholarship through SLOCS. Not only did this allow our children to attend a very nurturing school where, through the care of the teachers and staff, they were able to overcome their past and have their current were met, it was in a setting where they could grow in God’s Word while getting their education.
It has been a blessing to have our children attend SLO Christian; something that would not have been possible without the generosity of its tuition assistance program.”

“My daughter and I have been blessed by the Ebenezer Program at San Luis Obispo Christian School. She has been able to receive an amazing education based on Christian principles. I know this strong foundation is shaping her identity to be steadfast in Christ. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity to attend SLOCS!”

“San Luis Obispo Christian School has been a God send to our family. With the Christ center teaching, small class atmosphere, and love of the teachers. It was what we needed. We were not able to afford the full tuition cost, but were blessed to send our oldest son there last year and both our sons this year. SLOCS works with every family out of Gods love and resources. I encourage all believing parent to check it out. It is worth every cent.

As a growing family who has placed a priority on having one parent home to train up [our children] in the way they should go, Proverbs 22:6, we have been so blessed by San Luis Obispo Christian School’s willingness to not only support our family’s spiritual values, but also enable us to enroll our children in a school through their tuition assistance program that supports my child’s spiritual and intellectual growth. Understanding their goal of opening their doors to anybody who has a desire to learn in this loving, Christ-centered school without financial restrictions, shows once again that their main focus and priority is for the spiritual growth of these children. Without the school’s willingness to work with us financially as a single income home, we would never be able to fulfill our desire to have our children attend school there. Knowing how much love and prayer is poured into each student and family represented in this school is a daily reminder of God’s provision and blessing upon this family by giving us a school like SLOCS.”


From Sponsors of the Program:

“Our family has been so blessed by the faithfulness our God has shown to San Luis Obispo Christian School and by the faithfulness of the staff and teachers that serve there. We do not currently have children in the program but believe we may again one day and either way feel called to support this ministry financially and prayerfully. By staying involved with the school beyond our children attending, we continue to be a part of a great and mighty show of God’s love and power. We continue to see God do huge things in the lives of the children and their families as well as the community of believers that work for the school in one way or another. It’s a very tangible ministry right here in our community that we get to support and what a blessing that is!”

“We support San Luis Obispo Christian School’s Ebenezer Adoption Program because we’ve experienced first-hand what an impact it can have in the life of a child and a family. We were fortunate to be able to have our kids attend SLOCS, and as much as we sensed it was where they should be as the first entered kindergarten, it is only as the youngest finished up sixth grade that we began to know the full impact and truly saw the strong foundation that was laid. And even years later, it is wonderfully apparent that the Christ-centered education our kids had will be a life-long blessing. Because of this personal experience, and the trust and confidence we have in the godly leadership of the board of directors and staff, that we feel it a privilege to help in a small way to provide the same blessing and foundation for other children who otherwise wouldn’t have Christian Education as an option.”

“I just want to begin in thanking God for bringing us to this amazing school. After going through a very challenging time in my life, and relocation from another state, I knew I had to keep my daughter, 9 presently in 4th grade, in a God grounded environment. She has always gone to Christian schools, but unfortunately in larger cities like Newport Beach, and Henderson, NV you have a class minimum of 30 + kids. Although she has gone to excellent schools, we were so blessed three years ago to relocate and come to SLOCS where I felt completely welcome, no judgment only blessings. Finally, we are financially are able to bless the school by supporting the Ebenezer Adoption Program, the school give so much back that it is truly a blessing to bless this school and see their progression and loyalty to the Lord to instill in these children not only small class sizes wherein they are mentored, but a family environment I have not experience to date, and for that I truly want to perpetuate everything possible to let this “little light shine” school shine even brighter with more support. For a few dinners out, you could sponsor a child’s tuition or just basic upkeep of this private funded school that still can say “In God we Trust”! So anything people can donate to the school goes toward the students. I encourage you to be blessed as a blessing to this school!”