International Program

For hundreds of years children have been “sent abroad” from many countries to gain a well-rounded and expanded education which would promote them as leaders in their own homeland once they returned. As economies become more globalized, sending children away for school has become increasingly popular with the top ten economic countries in the world, and especially in Asia. There are nearly one million foreign students studying in the U.S.A., most of them Asian. For them, and their families, learning English in the elementary school years is perceived as critical to their future success. San Luis Obispo Christian School (SLOCS) is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students under the F-1 student visa process, and accepts international students into grades 1 – 6.

It’s obvious that international students want to come to learn, and this fact presents a unique opportunity for SLOCS students and families to minister the love of Jesus Christ as missionaries in their own home while at the same time broadening their worldview and openness to those who are different. Our deepest desire for this program is that each student would learn not only English, but about how much their Heavenly Father loves them, see that lived out each day, and return to their home country with a saving knowledge of Christ, and even be His ambassadors to their family and friends. Complete immersion in SLOCS daily classroom activities and in the daily life of the host families provides the students with these opportunities for learning both in a classroom and family setting. SLOCS strives to provide excellent academics in a small-classroom environment, which is a great benefit to any student, especially those trying to learn English as their second language. SLOCS also provides a “mixing program” that includes art, music/drama, foreign language and computer lab, to further enhance their experience here in the U.S.A.

Hosting Opportunities:

Host families play an integral role in a foreign student’s success at SLOCS. Coming to San Luis Obispo is an exciting, yet often fearful experience for foreign students, especially as young as some of them are. A willingness to host them, support them, and be a “home away from home” for them while they are here is both generous and also provides a service to the school. If you are interested in hosting a foreign student or finding out more about the SLOCS International Program, please contact the school office (805) 543-1146.