Back to School Shopping

Supply List_Updated Dress Code
We hope you have had a very restful summer with your precious children! Can you believe we are less than a month away from school starting?
As you get ready for Back to School Shopping, please read over the following two important documents!
-The first is our supply list (found here). Each classroom has a list of items that your child will need for the year. 
-The second item is an updated dress code (found here). In order to manage the various uniform needs for the activities we engage in here at SLOCS, we have made some changes to our dress code. Below gives an overview of the dress code changes: 

Firstly, we will be incorporating “Formal Uniform” attire for our chapel days (day TBD, will not occur on Friday) and on special event days such as our annual speech meet. School uniform ties will be required for boys, and crossover ties for girls.  They will be available to purchase, at cost through the school at Back to School Night and will be fairly inexpensive (less than $7).

Secondly, we will continue our “Casual Uniform” which occurs once a week on Friday. This will allow our students more range of motion for our mixing program which incorporates Physical Education. Students will also use this “Casual Uniform” for field trip days (unless otherwise specified). It is required that students wear RED school logo shirts and RED sweatshirts on these days. This allows for teachers to better manage students by making them more visible on field trip days. 
Lastly, we are printing school hats! Students will be allowed to wear hats on Fridays as a part of our “Casual Uniform”. Hats will not be allowed on in the classroom. 
Our school red shirts are provided to each student for free, and will be available for order at Back to School Night. Our ties (mandatory) red sweatshirts (optional), hats (optional) can be purchased through the school, and order forms will be available at Back to School Night.

Hats and shirts will also be available for parents to purchase.
PLEASE READ OVER THE UPDATED DRESS CODE (found here), note the highlighted sections for the above mentioned changes.Please contact us with any questions or concerns. All of these documents can be found under our “Downloads” page found here: